Candidate Spotlight: Donald Trump On Small Business

| 06.30.2015 |

The latest in our video series of presidential candidates presents real estate mogul Donald Trump offering insight on starting and running a small business.

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H.J. Thompson, author of Patreon Success

| 06.29.2015 |

Crowdfunding has changed the way that people and entities seek financing. And while many people are overly familiar with the digital pass-the-hat platforms of Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo, there is another crowdfunding option that is designed to keep the financing flowing beyond a one-shot donation.

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Inside The Apple Watch

| 06.26.2015 |

The new Apple Watch has the potential to change the state of wearable technology. Today, our friends at How It Works magazine takes us inside this new product.

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Why Alexander Hamilton Is A Hero (And Andrew Jackson Is Not)

| 06.25.2015 |

Last week, I read with dismay that Alexander Hamilton might be bumped from the $10 bill or, if he is lucky, will go halfsies to make room for a female face. Let me start out by saying that the only woman who should share an image with Hamilton is Elizabeth Schuyler, his wife, or, if you have a penchant for troublemaking, Maria Reynolds.

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Money Management For The Boomerang Household

| 06.24.2015 |

Due to recent economic realities, multi-generational living has been on the rise for many families.

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