Journalism Is Dead

| 10.27.2016 |

Journalism is dead. It died long ago, but we somehow failed to notice. There was no obituary. There was no funeral. We forgot to hire a pastor to say some prayers, and it is too late to plead for the redemption of its soul.

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When Google bought the advertising network DoubleClick in 2007, Google founder Sergey Brin said that privacy would be the company's "number one priority when we contemplate new kinds of advertising products."

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Make Sure Every Dollar You Give To Charity Counts

| 10.19.2016 |

Deciding to make a charitable contribution can arise from a desire to help others, a passionate commitment to a cause or the aim to give back to a group that once helped you or a loved one. Choosing which organizations you want to support can be difficult. There are over a million public charities in the United States according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, and every dollar you give to Charity A is a dollar you might not be able to match for Charity B.

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Crowdfunding On Social Media

| 10.18.2016 |

Successful crowdfunding campaigns rely heavily on social media marketing. But how can you get your crowdfunding efforts to stand out online?

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Alison Fand Kosakowski, owner of Ally's Earth Treasures, Milford, Conn.

| 10.17.2016 |

Alison Fand Kosakowski, not unlike many entrepreneurs, never originally intended to start a business. Indeed, her initial career focus was massage therapy, not the corporate world.

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