The Best Thing To Happen With Hedge Funds

| 05.27.2015 |

Activist investors and institutional shareholders are increasingly forcing publicly held companies to return more cash to shareholders — that's good for the economy.

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Pay It Forward

| 05.26.2015 |

Think back to when you began your career. Do you remember the people who opened doors for you that you would not have been able access on your own, or who made connections that helped plug you into the channels that started you in the right direction? Today, singer/songwriter Jonathan Siksay joins me to discuss the "pay it forward" concept.

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What Is Your Cybersecurity Game Plan?

| 05.22.2015 |

Cyber crime is not something that only happens to other people. And businesses that do not have a proactive game plan to prevent this form of disruption run the risk of major problems.

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5 Steps To Streamline Your Money Management

| 05.20.2015 |

If your financial life is confined to boxes, file cabinets and various piles of statements and receipts that only you can navigate, it might be time for a little de-cluttering.

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Joey Amato, publisher, UNITE Magazine, Nashville

| 05.18.2015 |

At a time when the magazine publishing industry is still challenged with a multitude of issues, ranging from shrinking advertising revenues to the ascension of online media, Joey Amato's UNITE Magazine is on the rise. After launching his first UNITE edition in Nashville in 2013, Amato spread the UNITE brand to Indianapolis and Cincinnati; last month, a fourth regional UNITE was launched in Virginia.

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