In Search of A Secure Online Payment Solution

| 09.30.2016 |

Mixing convenience and security in an online shopping environment has always been a challenge. Today, our friends at Total Processing in Manchester, U.K., offer this infographic on how to achieve that elusive goal.

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Samuel Johnson On Hard Work

| 09.29.2016 |

We are often bombarded by a media that promotes the need for retirement or the benefits of idle relaxation. We are told that having wealth without the need to work will lead to the greatest enjoyment. These sentiments, though innocent at first glance, clash with the Calvinistic work ethic that served our Founding Fathers. We now worship the decadent when we once honored hard work above all.

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How To Tackle Your Grocery Bill

| 09.28.2016 |

Food shopping can quickly take over your budget despite your best intentions. Perhaps it is due to impulse purchases, unplanned shopping trips, food going bad or a combination of all three. If you are looking for ways to save money while enjoying nutritious and delicious meals, consider these money-saving tactics.

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A Few Words On Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

| 09.27.2016 |

In this recent Stanford University lecture, Trish Costello, founder and CEO of Portfolia, a collaborative equity investing platform, discusses equity crowdfunding platforms and changes in venture capital.

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Shane Kenny, founder of FilterSnap, Atlanta

| 09.26.2016 |

Six years ago, Shane Kenny and his brother Aaron sold their 11-year-old Internet filtering software business to McAfee for over $10 million. Today Shane is back in the filtering business, but not the digital variety: he is the founder of a service called FilterSnap that delivers air filters to homes on a regular schedule to ensure timely replacement.

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